Pentatonic String Skipping Exercise |Ep. 31|

String skipping licks can be like landmines scattered throughout a song, just waiting to trip you up and ruin your clean alternate picking. While running up and down scales or the 1234 exercise will do wonders for your picking speed, if you want that speed to transfer over to playing real songs (and especially if you […]

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Crosspicking Basics

Crosspicking Basics |Ep. 30|

There’s a technique that’s common in bluegrass and flatpicking guitar called cross-picking. Practice it with today’s exercise and you will improve just about everything about your right hand, including your… picking accuracy picking speed right hand stamina What is Cross-Picking and Does it have a Hyphen? I believe it originated in trying to imitate the […]

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Maximizing Efficiency with Economy Picking |Ep. 29|

A solid foundation of alternate picking allows you to keep very consistent time while playing lead, even when playing highly syncopated parts, because the right hand acts like a metronome. It moves up and down with the beat, pecking in at the strings when there is a note to play but continuing it’s metronomic movement […]

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Guitar lesson on Vibrato

Easy Exercise for Top Shelf Vibrato |Ep. 28|

Good vibrato is often the difference between sounding stale and amateurish, or smooth and lyrical. In today’s lesson, we will look at some common problems players experience with vibrato, as well as different techniques, tips, and a simple exercise for improving your own. Please Vibrato Responsibly There are two common problems with people’s vibrato: it doesn’t […]

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thumbnail for ep. 27 about scale fragments and scale patterns

Simple Patterns for Playing in Any Position |Ep. 27|

Because of the way the guitar is tuned and fretted, repetitive fingering shapes and patterns can be found all over the guitar. Learn a pattern in one area of the neck, and you can instantly play it in any area of the neck, on any strings, and in any key. Today’s exercise is a scale fragment […]

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